LED Lighting Benefits

LED Lighting Benefits Explained

Lets get the benefits of LED Lighting on the

table to make it easier for you to understand why moving to LED is simply the right choice. Not only for you in terms of savings but our planet as well.

  • Get 7 STAR Home Energy Efficiency Rating.
  • LED Lights have a usage life of up to 50,000 hours, up to 50 times that of a standard halogen globe.
  • LED Lighting will save you up to 90% on your lighting costs.
  • LED Lights require far less maintenance, saving you time.
  • LED lighting produces 64% less heat than a standard halogen globe.
  • LED Lights will help you meet BASIX standards for efficiency in new homes.
  • LED Lights contain no hazardous mercury.
  • LED Lights produce more light per watt than incandescent bulbs.
  • LED lighting creates far less carbon emissions.
  • LED Transformers use far less energy than standard 50w Electronic ones.
  • LED lighting produce no harmful UV rays.
  • LED Lights save you money, guaranteed

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  1. I spend most of my working days conducting lighting audits, compiling cost benefit analysis reviews and arranging for sample LED lighting to be installed and assessed by facilities managers and strata committee members. All of which is done free to our clients. The reason we go this effort and expense is because ultimately as one client recently put it… ‘it’s a no brainer’

    We focus on working with organisations that run hundreds of fixtures 24/7 – large residential high rise complexes with multilevel car parks and emergency stairwells, large hotels etc.

    In the case of traditional lighting running 24/7 there is simply no debate regarding…”To LED or Not to LED?”

    It’s no longer a question of whether or not such organisations can or should afford upgrading existing fixtures to LED solutions. The question is how long they expect to be able to afford not to switch. The weakest LED vs Traditional Lighting Cost Benefit Scenario is Tubing in terms off percentages. Even still you can replace a 36W Fluorescent Tube with a 16W LED Tube and once factoring in the energy consumption to the starters and ballasts of a fluorescent tube (45W vs 18W) you’re still looking a 60% energy cost reduction.

    Over the life time of the LED product (5.7 yrs @50,000hrs running 24/7) you will get back three times what you spent even after you factor in the initial outlay. Simply, traditional lighting costs more than three times the initial LED upgrade cost to run. So if you think the LED Tubes is expensive… just wait to see how you feel about having to run the Fluorescents.

    But wait there’s more!!! Halogens are the real demons in the energy crises hell. They will cost you up to 10 times more to run than an LED replacement. Depending on floor surfaces and wall colours we replace 50W Halogen Down Lights with 3W LED Down Lights – 96% Reduction in power. 20W Halogens require no consideration as to a particular spaces reflective characteristics – 20W Straight Out… and 3W Straight In… – 85% Reduction in power.

    What ever disadvantages people like to elude to re LED product performance,…it all simply fades into insignificance when considering the economic and environmental advantages LED implementation.

    If you’re running lighting more than 12hrs a day and haven’t changed to LED options or at least considering it at this stage… you’re simply throwing away money. The numbers are blatantly simply and as energy rates continue to rise year on year it’s given that it’s only going to be getting worse. In the next two to five years people are going to start throwing rocks at any body that try’s to sell them any form of Fluorescent or Halogen Lighting – traditional lighting is already technologically crippled and it won’t be long before it won’t be commercially viable to continue nursing obsolete solutions.

    For domestic use as your old bulbs blow just replace them with LED’s. For domestic use they generally dont require retro-fitting fixtures and playing around with wiring etc. LED’s for your home just screw straight in. The products have come a long way in the last twelve months and dropped significantly in price. LED’s don’t cost you more, they actually cost you less, I could give away free Fluorescents and Halogens for the rest of peoples life lives and at 60% – 95% extra running cost they will just cost you more than buying LED substitutes – a lot more to run.

    In the way that you wouldn’t be able to give away a taxis that runs on petrol, your not going to be able to give away traditional lighting. In the case of 24/7 lighting, it the same as running a taxi on high octane petrol. The opportunity cost of not converting the engine to gas for a few thousand dollars initially, ends up costing you a fortune unnecessarily.

    The sooner people start understand the genuine benefits to LED Lighting technology the sooner they will stop living in the dark when it comes to their lighting options.

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