Clipsal Dimmers

Clipsal dimmers used for halogen downlights and LED downlights are considerably different. The 3 types of clipsal dimmers are leading edge (for halogen lights and iron core transformers), universal dimmers (suitable for any lighting except compact fluros), and finally trailing edge dimnmers (for halogen lighting with electronic transformers). So when purchasing your lights and dimmers…

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How can I save money on the amount of electricity I use around my home?

Cleaning is a big thing. Regularly remove the dust from heaters, air conditioners, exhaust fans, ceiling fans etc. this will improve the efficiency with which the motor/appliance will operate. In short, it will use less electricity to produce its optimum result of heating, sucking, blowing etc. Then there’s the more common information which you’ve probably…

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What's the difference between a fuse, a circuit breaker and a safety switch?

A fuse is the old fashion way to protect against overloading your circuits. A circuit breaker is a modern way to do the same thing with more accuracy. It also provides an easier way to restore power by simply flicking the switch. A safety switch, or RCD (residual current device) protects against current leaking to…

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