Induction cooktops

Induction cooking is not a new technology, but it has become a very popular method of cooking for both professional and no professional chefs. Induction cooktops were very expensive and only used in commercial settings. With technology always improving, the cost of induction cooktops has decreased dramatically. They are still a little more expensive than…

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Electrical Governing Bodies Australia

Australian Electrical Governing Bodies Australian Electrical Governing Bodies, Master Electricians Australia and the National Electrical Communications Association (NECA), provide oversight in conjunction with electrical contractors and other professionals to bind professional licensure with governance, training with consumer service. Master Electricians Australia (MEA) is an ECA Group association for specialists working as electricians and technicians. ECA…

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House Smoke Alarms in Australia

Smoke alarms are needed in houses in Australia because they can prevent deaths and injuries. Smoke alarms provide an early warning about smoke and fire and help homeowners protect their property. The Development Act of 1993 requires homeowners and landlords to install smoke alarms and make that they are functional. Australian building code requires 240-volt…

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