Efficient Ways to Heat Your Bathroom During Winter

Few things feel less inviting during cold winter months than a home bathroom that feels chilly. It’s important to keep the room in your house where you are most likely to be undressed and wet after bathing at a warm and comfortable temperature that can be achieved by using an efficient heat source. Bathrooms without heat can quickly become unsanitary places to spend time because cold temperatures prevent towels from drying and lingering moisture and humidity on the walls, tiles and mirrors attracts mold, mildew and bacteria.

An IXL Tastic Light combines not only a source of heat but also provides room light as well as a ventilation fan in the bathroom. It can be placed in the ceiling and turned on and off as needed whenever extra heat, light or ventilation is required.

Another smart way to keep your towels at warm and comfortable temperatures as well as helping them to dry out more quickly is to install heated towel rails. Once you reach for a towel that has been sitting on a heated towel rail in order to dry off after a shower or bath, you will never again return to regular towel racks. Heated towels provide a wonderful pampering sensation and are a great way to eliminate winter’s chill while performing your daily hygiene routine in the bathroom.

Your feet can get pretty cold standing on tile or stone floors in the bathroom. But the solution for that during winter months is to install an electrical pad system underneath the flooring. There are also radiant and water heating systems that can be installed underneath the floors or behind bathroom walls, but all of these heating system options require the expertise of both a plumber and electrical contractor in order to ensure quality results.

Because portable electric heaters are not advised for the bathroom because they can pose an electrical shock hazard, it’s a much smarter idea to invest in an electric wall heater that is either mounted onto on inside the wall and up off of the floor with no dangling cords or electrical plugs. Electric wall heaters can be a very energy-efficient way to heat any size bathroom. Infrared heaters are another energy-efficient heating source for the bathroom and can easily be mounted on the wall away from any water sources to provide a low cost way of keeping your bathroom warm and toasty during the winter season.

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