Install SAL ECOGEM LED Downlight

Install SAL ECOGEM LED Downlight


Today, I’ll be installing the SAL LED ECOGEM downlight. Good value for money downlight and it uses eight watts of power, which is about 80% less than halogens.

Also, comes with a five-year replacement warranty from the manufacturer, so anything goes wrong within five years, it’s replaced for free.

Life expectancy of them, probably eight, nine years. So the cabling has already been done.

Now you use the drill here with a 90 mil hole saw and a dust catcher to cut the holes out. Once the holes are cut, pull the cable through.

Then we’re gonna install a plug base. The plug base is what the driver plugs into. The driver takes the power from 240 volts down to 12 volt, making it low voltage, and that low voltage supply powers up the LED downlight.

The SAL ECOGEM downlights can be seen here.

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