Safety Switch

Safety Switch

Safety switches play an important role in the electrical system of your home – you just might not realize it. Also commonly referred to as either a “load break switch” or a “disconnect switch,” safety switches actually serve a number of different purposes depending on the context.

What Are Safety Switches?

Safety Switches, or Residual Current Devices, are designed to shut off power when an electrical fault is detected. If a person makes contact with a live cable or faulty electrical appliance the electricity will then flow through the person and into the earth. The Safety Switch detects the change in current flowing through the circuit and shuts the circuit down within 0.3 seconds.

Safety Switches in the Home

In a home environment, safety switches are typically designed to provide a superior level of protection in the event of a fault in an electrical circuit. If your home suddenly experiences over current, circuit overloads, short circuiting or even heat-generated damage, the associated safety switch will snap into action and interrupt the power. This will prevent the original problem from getting worse and protect all associated equipment or components at the same time.


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