Surge Protectors

Surge Protectors

Surge arresters can be installed at your main switch board to protect your whole home from power surges that may occur form lightning, power company supply faults, and faulty appliances withing your own home.

Whole home surge protection acts as the first line of defence against a power surge by absorbing the blast. Once the cartridge in the surge arrestor has been blown the cartridge is replaced.

They are designed so when the surge does blow the cartridge it will not interrupt the normal power supply in your home.

They should be checked regularly to ensure the indicator is green. If the indicator is red, a power surge has occurred and it needs to be replaced.

It is very unpredictable what electrical appliances will attract a power surge if it occurs. Electricity likes the path of least resistance so new appliances may be more prone to being damaged. Anything electrical such as smart TVs, fridges, computer equipment, stereo systems, lighting, washing machine, dishwashers, or air conditioning systems can be damaged by it.

Protect your house from surges from lighting strikes

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