Security/Motion Sensor Lights

Security/Motion Sensor Lights

The best way to avoid a home invasion or burglary is to make yourself look like a difficult target. Burglars want to creep into a dark, unsecured house when the owner isn’t home, and one of the best ways to avoid becoming that home is with proper lighting. Security and motion sensor lighting acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves, snapping on when something comes nearby and putting them in the literal spotlight. Criminals don’t know if a movement sensor turned on the light or if it’s a homeowner is standing at a rocker switch, leaving them scurrying for cover instead of stealing from you.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Beyond acting as a defence for crime, outdoor security lighting makes life easier for you as well. Imagine you’re returning from shopping after sundown, arms loaded up with bags and squinting to see in the dim light. Rather than tripping over an uneven paver on your way to the door, the simple act of getting out of your car could turn the lights on for you. You can easily make your way down a path, upstairs, and find your keys without a problem. Best of all, while you’re putting away your new purchases, you won’t need to wonder if you left the lights on – they’ll turn off automatically!

Motion Sensor Lighting

While general outdoor security lighting is a smart choice for your home, motion sensor lighting can also be a huge help in the shed or garage, as well. Installing a motion-sensor light overhead in your carport makes parking after dark easy, avoiding any bumps and dings to your bumper bar. Need to take a bag out to a rubbish bin in the garage? Simply open the door and head over to the bins – you’ll be able to walk down any stairs and avoid obstacles easily with instant lighting. Mounting this style of light overhead allows you to enjoy a well-lit garage space without the hassle of fumbling for a switch while holding belongings destined for the boot.

In addition to improving your lifestyle and the security of your home, motion sensor lighting also makes your home look great! The right lighting fixture angles can illuminate your verandah and garden, giving your home a warm, inviting look for friends and family. Well-installed lighting is also durable and provides dependable performance for years, a big benefit for those that dread frequent home maintenance.

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