Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

If your family is like most, you’re busy with employment and other obligations throughout the day, leaving little time for refreshing and relaxing in your backyard. However,  illuminating yard and garden areas with well-placed landscape lighting extends the hours that homeowners can enjoy their outdoor living spaces, so think beyond that quintessential light bulb at the back door and explore what landscaping lighting can do for you. Following are three important reasons to speak with your local electrical contractor about having the right night lighting installed outside your home.


Garden parties and backyard barbeques don’t have to end when the sun sinks below the horizon. Keep the party going for as late as you like with outdoor lighting fixtures. Choose solid, in-ground outdoor lamps to provide optimal ambient lighting so guests won’t risk tripping and falling by trying to manoeuvre in the dark, and use small trail lights to light the way through winding garden paths. Bring notes of decorative whimsy and romance to the big picture by using secondary artisan lights to illuminate dining or gathering areas, or use sheer globe lights for a dreamily romantic effect.


Thieves and other potential home intruders tend to shy away from properties featuring significant outdoor illumination. The right type of lighting also minimises your chances of unexpected visits from nocturnal garden pests and predatory wildlife. Your electrical contractor can install motion lights that activate when movement is detected outside your home as well as perform a property evaluation to identify vulnerable spots in your yard and garden that could benefit from outdoor lighting. Even low-voltage lights produce enough illumination to dissuade most nocturnal miscreants.


Even if it’s just you and the family enjoying a peaceful evening on the patio, the experience will be enhanced by the presence of well-planned outdoor lighting. Reading spots equipped with strong overhead lighting provides pleasant options for luxuriating on the patio with a book after sunset. You can add an extra accent of drama to your outdoor living space by spotlighting hardscaping features such as tumbling waterfalls or statuary, or showcase specimen plantings that you’re particularly proud of by lighting them it at night. You can even choose to have underwater lighting installed in ponds, pools, or at the base of a sparkling fountain.

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Outdoor lighting lets you make more use of the outdoors