NBN Ready

NBN Ready

NBN installations from $400 plus GST.

In this video, Mark looks at where the NBN cable is installed when it comes into your house from the street, and also where the NBN cable then runs into your home (possibly just on the other side of the wall from the location of your Telstra box).  If you prefer to have your NBN modem in a different location in your home, a licensed electrician can install a coaxial cable from the Telstra box to your preferred location.

For NBN installation, you’ll need to find the Telstra box where your hybrid fiber coax cable comes in from the street. You should already have this. It would’ve been used for Foxtel, or Telstra can use it for broadband.

So, I’ll just open up the box now, and on the left there, you’ll see an isolator. And this cable here, that’s the one coming in off the street where the NBN is supplied from. It’s coming through this isolator, out through an amplifier, and then from there, that cable is going to be your NBN supply in your house.

This is where that cable ends up. The hybrid fiber coax cable, as they’re referring to it. So where that is is where the router has to go.  The problem is, in the past, the router has been run off the phone line cable, which they’re looking to not use. So you then have to run one of these cables from wherever you want the router back to the box on the side of the house that I just showed you.

Please call Mark if you would like to have your NBN Modem installed in a preferred location in your home.  Call Mark on 1300 727 798.

Mark can provide advice on how to cable your house to benefit from the NBN

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