Smoke Detectors/Smoke Alarms
Smoke Alarms and Smoke detectors ensure that in the event of fire or smoke, an alarm will sound. Talk to Mark about the best option for your home.
Surge Protectors
Surge arresters can be installed at your main switch board to protect your whole home from power surges that may occur from lightning or faults.
LED Strip Lights
LED strip lights can provide unique lighting arrangements or alternative lighting solutions to your home. They can also highlight features.
Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fans offer cooling benefits in summer but can also help reduce energy costs in winter by circulating warm air that rises and sits near the ceiling.
Safety Switch
If your switchboard does not contain safety switches it would be worth getting a quote to get them installed and make your family safe.
Security/Motion Sensor Lights
Security and Motions Sensor lights will make life easier when you come home at night or if you want to deter potential threats to your home!
Wireless Home Network
Want to solve your wireless internet problems and have a seamless wifi connection throughout your house and garden? Mark has a solution.
Power Point Installation
There are some fantastic new power point solutions available including USB points. Have a look at the new range from Clipsal to modernise your power points.
Pendant Lighting
Pendant lights can provide a luxury feel to your kitchen, dining room or bedroom. Mark can provide you with advice and a quote to install new pendant lights.
Light and Power Installation
Mark Brown has 20 years experience and can look after all your light and power installation needs. Mark can provide advice, options and insights into the best solutions.
Loss of Power or Lights
If your power or lights are flickering or not working correctly you need a licensed electrician. Mark has 20 years experience. Mark can provide advice.
TV, Phone and Data
Do you need to update the cabling for your TV, Phone or introduce data cabling to bring your home to the modern day? Mark can provide advice on the best solution.
Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor lighting can make your outdoor area a pleasure to entertain in while also adding security to your home. If you want some advice, talk to Mark.
House Re-wires
Does your home contain old and now non-standard wiring? Do you need to update to bring your house in line with modern standards?